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 Regenerative Agriculture

Fundraising by Bohemian Magazine™ to The Ecology Center


Regenerative agriculture we believe is the end all be all to healing the earth, nature and people. When there’s a problem the most powerful solution is going to the root of that problem. For us healing begins with where it all began, the soil.  You’d be surprised how much of earth's land is being used for farming and grazing animals. manipulating plants and animals across that much land mass dictates what direction the planet is headed. Our overall mission is to be apart of regenerating all of the farm land's soil back to 3% carbon, just like it was prior to the industrial agriculture revolution. Here’s why: 


When the farm land soils have normal levels of carbon again plants can return to doing their natural photosynthesis process. 

When the natural photosynthesis process takes place again it will pull all the harmful co2 in our atmosphere and put it back into the soil. 

When the co2 is back in the soil the microbial become healthy again.


When the microbial become healthy again they feed our plants with strong antibodies and nutrients.  


When the plants have strong antibodies and nutrients our stomachs pull in these strong antibodies and nutrients. 

When our stomachs pull in these strong antibodies and nutrients our systems are able to fight disease and cancers like they were able to prior to the industrial agriculture revolution.


When you make regenerative agriculture farms they not only feed us real food again but they also pull the carbon from the atmosphere and place it back into the soil where it belongs. 

Now it’s your mission, should you decide to accept it, Stop human disease and cancer while also cleaning the atmosphere... Mission accepted.

What we do


One local farm at a time. Helping farms achieve and or sustain their regenerative organic certificate™ farm. Currently 10% of all sales from our website fundraise to the ecology center, a new regenerative organic certified  farm. They are a non profit that has built a regenerative agriculture farm. Their Organization not only provides all their food for sale to the public but hosts educational events for kids and adults, arranges cook outs, cooking classes, donates food and almost anything they can do to help the surrounding community. All that fueled by the power of a healthy regenerative agriculture farm.  You can make a donation to the ecology center here or checkout their store  here.

Our goal

We are a growing brand as is the regenerative agriculture movement. The goal is to get to a point where

1.) We can begin opening our own local regenerative agriculture farms.

2.) Help free existing farmers from old farming tactics, stale contracts and low incomes and help them transition to regenerative farming.

3.) Support the growth of small brands and artists that also want to or do advocate regenerative agriculture. 

To accomplish these 3 goals we will continue to grow the business and  by 2025 bohemian magazine will be launching its own non profit organization, Before then we fundraise for the trend setting ecology center.

What you can do
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